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Victoria Harrop


Name:  Victoria Elaine Harrop
Job Title: Senior Radiotherapy Research Radiographer

Date joined InHANSE: May 2013.

Research Interests:
I have a particular interest in Head and Neck cancer trials, having treated patients with head and neck cancers for over 20 years I have seen the improvements over this period of time with research core to this change.

I especially enjoy forging links and developing relationships between differing health professionals involved in the patient pathway. I attend strategic meetings to promote and involve research, raising awareness of radiotherapy and the impact research has in this area to enhance future treatment.

Studies I work on:
I also lead on a number of cancer trials within Neurology, Lung and Breast at University Hospital Birmingham.

Famous for:
Being a student mentor and educator and for making a good cup of coffee!

Common remark:
Let’s make sure we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.


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