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Rachel Spruce (nee Watkins)


Dr Rachel Spruce


Name:  Dr Rachel Spruce

Job Title: UHB Charity Research Fellow

Date joined InHANSE:
1st April 2014



What Do I Do:

My role is to lead the team of scientists who work on our portfolio of translational studies and clinical trials.

For our translational studies this includes oversight of laboratory experiments and data analysis. I am also involved in generating publications and funding applications.


For our clinical trials this involves protocol, lab manual and standard operating procedure (SOP) writing. I also oversee sample collection, processing and storage.

Research Interests:

I am an experienced molecular biologist with a background in cancer research. I am interested in drug redeployment, biomarker discovery (prognostic and predictive) and utilising circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) to dynamically assess tumour burden.

Studies I work on:

I’m involved in all aspects of our translational work. The main projects I work on are AcceleraTED, Correlate, CIRCA and Wisteria

Contact details

0121 414 9277

Charity appeal

Find out more about our £1m Charity appeal for the AcceleraTED cancer Treatment programme.