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Voice Guard

Name:   Voice Guard Processing Evaluation in a Cohort of Subjects Implanted with the Neuro Cochlear Implant System

Acronym: Voice Guard

Summary & Eligibility:

We are working with Oticon Medical, the cochlear implant manufacturer, to evaluate a new way in which a cochlear implant can process sound to improve the ability to understand speech.

The Neuro Cochlear Implant (CI) system is a state of the art CI device designed to provide safe and reliable electrical stimulation of the auditory system in individuals with bilateral and profound sensory hearing loss. The study will be comparing the effectiveness of two different advanced coding strategies. Benefit on quality of life and patient satisfaction with the Voice Guard automatic compression strategy will be compared to the XDP fixed input-output function strategy.


The study will adopt the routine cochlear implant clinical care pathway. In addition to the routine hearing and speech perception tests that are performed, to achieve the best cochlear implant fitting, patients will be required to participate in a few additional tests that are designed to mimic the listening challenges they encounter on a daily basis. We are doing this in order to help us evaluate the benefits of the sound processing strategies and fine tune the sound processor to best suit the specific needs of the patient.

General Inclusion Criteria:

  • ≥ 18 years old and able to give informed consent
  • Post-lingual deafness
  • No language or speech production disorders
  • Native speakers of English
  • Candidate for cochlear implantation
  • Undergoing primary or unilateral implantation


General Exclusion Criteria:

  • Medical conditions that contraindicate surgery
  • Psychologically unsuitable
  • Additional anomalies of the auditory system


Status: Open

Sponsor:Oticon Medical

Study Coordinator:

Shibasis Chowdhury

Study Schema:

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