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Accelerated Translation of therapeutic agents and Emerging Devices in Head and Neck and Thyroid cancer



The AcceleraTED project intends to provide a platform for the identification of novel drugs and devices for the management of head and neck cancer. A key goal of AcceleraTED is to increase the speed with which these new treatments are implemented into clinical practice, whilst reducing the costs associated with identification, testing and development.


Open, currently at Stage 1 (see below).

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The AcceleraTED project comprises three stages:

Stage 1 is the screening phase. Using existing sources of information (such as published scientific articles and publically available genome databases) we will identify possible drugs of interest. A series of tests will then be performed with each drug, looking at the effects they have on cancer cells grown in the laboratory. Each drug will also be tested in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to see if they have the potential to improve or even replace current treatment regimes.

Stage 2 is the confirmatory phase. Any drugs which show promise in Stage 1 will then be tested in animal models of head and neck cancer, and on cancer cells donated to us for research by head and neck cancer patients in the QE hospital. These are both important parts of the process that takes any new potential drug a step further along its journey from the lab bench to the clinic.

Stage 3 is the validation phase. Drugs which have made it through Stages 2 and 3 and show strong anti-cancer effects in our laboratory tests will be considered to be very promising candidates for patient trials. At this point, phase I/II and III trials in humans will be carried out to verify that any identified drugs are effective at treating head and neck cancer and are entirely safe to use.

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Find out more about our £1m Charity appeal for the AcceleraTED cancer Treatment programme.