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Patient Research Advisory Group (PRAG)

What is the aim of PRAG? 

PRAG aims to involve patients, carers and the public in the research run by InHANSE. The experience of those living with and affected by these conditions enable InHANSE researchers to improve how we carry out our research and help us to gain more effective and reliable results, which can then be developed into treatments.

Who can become involved in PRAG?

Members of the public and people with experience of head and neck conditions and illnesses either as patients or as a carer or relative can be involved.

How can you get involved in PRAG?

We value your involvement in all parts of the research process, from the idea stage to the planning of new studies, to the running of the study, to taking part in a study, to helping interpret the results to finally spreading the word on the results of the research. You can also support the research activies of InHANSE by raising the profile of the research done at InHANSE or fund raising for them.

How can your involvement benefit our research programme?

Your involvement helps us to:

  • Ensure that the people who are joining the research are contacted in the right way
  • Improve the content and quality of the research by adding another point of view to how the research is planned and carried out
  • Make sure that researchers ask the right questions in a way that is relevant to people who use the services
  • Keep the research focussed and relevant to the patients and others who are affected

The benefits of being involved include:

  • Having a say in the planning of research that might affect you, your family or friends
  • Influencing research to be carried out that is important to you
  • A chance to make a relevant contribution


How to join

If you want to join a particular study, please contact our research nurses by:


Phone:  0121 414 6547

If you want to join PRAG (the Patient Research Advisory Group), then please contact our InHANSE administrator by:


Phone:  0121 414 6547


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