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HNC Molecular biology

The copyright of these presentations is owned by the respective presenters. Please request permission for use of any material from the respective presenter.

Presentations from the Molecular Biology of Cancer Workshop held at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK on May 8 2015


Title:  Regulation of the normal Head and Neck cell – Proto-oncogenes, Tumour Suppressor Genes, TP53 Gene, Methylation

Presenter: Andreas Dietz

Affiliation:  University Hospital of Leipzig, Germany

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Title:  How does HPV cause head and neck cancer?

Presenter:  Terry Jones

Affiliation:  Liverpool CR-UK Centre School of Cancer Studies, Liverpool, UK

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Title:  Molecular Biology of the Radiation Response

Presenter:  Professor Kevin Harrington

Affiliation:  Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK

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Title:  Immunohistochemistry & In Situ Hybridisation

Presenter:  Dr Max Robinson

Affiliation:    School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, UK

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