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Dr Nikolaos Batis

Dr Nikos Batis


Name:  Nikolaos Batis

Job Title: Research Fellow

Date joined InHANSE:
1st January 2015





What Do I Do:
My main work is on the AcceleraTED platform. The main focus of my work is assessing the effects of new and licensed drugs (drug redeployment) on primary and established head and neck cell lines, in house clinically relevant licensed drug library screening using conventional and high throughput screening with an aim to identify new single or combination therapies. In parallel of great interest is to identify and explore the mechanism of action and pharmacology of druggable targets identified.

Research Interests:
I am a pharmacologist with experience in drug redeployment for cancer treatment and in serotonin receptor pharmacology and ligand gated ion channel allosteric modulation. I am very interested in using classical pharmacology and PK/PD in an attempt to identify and understand the impact of treatments in malignancies and exploit them, always with a desire to potentially identify and “manipulate” classical “neuronal” receptors in cancer.   I have very strong belief in the importance drug redeployment will have in therapy, accelerating the translation of lab discoveries to the clinic.   I maintain and complete my drug library of all licensed drugs with PK/PD information to be used for drug redeployment.

Studies I work on:

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