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Hisham Mehanna at ASCO

It's conference season again, and Prof Mehanna is at the largest one of the them all - ASCO.  Every year in Chicago tens of thousands of people with a stake in cancer research gather in the USA's largest convention centre to learn about the latest developments in treatment the disease.   All the latest research and developments are announced at ASCO.

This year Hisham is not presenting but is taking the time to catch up on collaborators new and old and catch up on the latest immunotherapy and personalised therapy news.  Dr Anthony Kong has also travelled to the conference and I am sure has also taken the opportunity to make new contacts and come back with news of better treatment opportunities for patients with head and neck cancer.

You can follow the news from ASCO on Twitter @ASCO

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Find out more about our £1m Charity appeal for the AcceleraTED cancer Treatment programme.