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Dejo's last day as a PhD student

Today Dejo Olaleye has finished with us as a PhD student and tomorrow goes back into the training programme as a Registrar in Head and Neck.  He has been with us for three years seranading us, amusing us with his apple joke [yes singular!] and being a fully fledged member of the InHANSE team.  From being a complete novice in the lab and not knowing how to use a pipette he quickly grasped how to be competent and learnt amongst other things PCR.  I doubt he will ever forget chasing patients for their second visits on the Oromouth Study.

Although Dejo tells us it is his last day, we do not believe for one minute that he is leaving us, and there will be a corner in the office that is, at least for the next 6 months, forever Dejo's.

Dejo and Professor MehannaDejo's corner

Professor Mehanna and Dejo                Dejo's corner

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