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InHANSE host CRUK Legacy Lab Tour

This morning Professor Mehanna addressed a group of CRUK supporters, he explained how cancers develop and went on to present the work done at the University by the InHANSE group and the head and neck studies being undertaken at the hospital.  The CRUK supporters were very interested and asked some very pertinent questions.  The party was then divided into two for a tour of the InHANSE labs where they were shown cell cultures, staining of cells, counting of cells, viewing of cancer cells under the microscope and were also given the opportunity of using the microtome to cut scrolls off blocks [tiny slivers of tissue].

Professor Mehanna addressed the CRUK Legacy group November 2015   Professor Mehanna addresses the        CRUK  Legacy group.





InHANSE laboratory tour - looking at cells under the microscope





Using the microtome






Charity appeal

Find out more about our £1m Charity appeal for the AcceleraTED cancer Treatment programme.