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Dr Rae leaves InHANSE

Dr Rae who joined us shortly after we moved to Birmingham, has left InHANSE to pursue a career in the NHS.  Pete had been an integral part of the InHANSE team and will be missed by all.  Pete was always in first and often out last, his contribution to all our work is much appreciated and will continue to bear fruit.  June, our Trials Sister, will miss him because he was always there with a cheery welcome when she arrived at 8.00, and also because of his IT knowledge and assistance with all things techy.  Gemma will miss him for his skills with a sack trolley and moving cabinets around, in the first few month of his arrival in our team he must have moved all the cabinets around at least three times. 

Pete has promised to come back for the annual wear a Christmas jumper, secret Santa, pizza Friday in December, which this year will also be a leaving do for both Rachel and Alison as they go off on maternity leave.   

Charity appeal

Find out more about our £1m Charity appeal for the AcceleraTED cancer Treatment programme.