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Neil Sharma

Mr Neil SharmaName: 
Neil Sharma

Job Title:
NIHR Clinical Lecturer


Date joined InHANSE:
March 2014

What Do I Do:
I spend half my time working as and ENT Registrar at UHB and the other half as an academic at the University.

Research Interests:


My basic science research interests focus on investigating the molecular mechanisms behind thyroid carcinogenesis. My doctoral thesis examined the effect of the novel proto-oncogene PBF on thyroid cells, and I am continuing to take this forward translationally examining potential new therapeutic strategies. I also have an interest in paediatric thyroid cancer and the genetic events that lead to this disease


I am involved in clinical research into thyroid disease. Current studies include a clinical trial investigating the role of ultrasound elastography on the diagnosis of thyroid nodules, and the outcomes and prognosis of paediatric thyroid cancer.

Studies I work on: 

I am currently involved in the ElaTion trial being run by InHANSE, and also developing a study examining circulating tumour DNA in thyroid cancer. I am continuing my post-graduate research into PBF and developing a murine model to test potential new drug treatments.

Famous for:
The cork trick

Currently Neil is on a 12 month Fellowship in New Zealand






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