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June Jones

 June Jones

Name:  June Jones

Job Title:   Senior Head & Neck Research Nurse

Date joined InHANSE:  November 2004.



What do I do:
When I joined InHANSE UHCW there was only myself and the Director with one open trial (PET Neck) and 1 patient recruited. In 5 years we have grown to 3 full time and 1 part time nurse.  Supporting us is a full time data clerk.  We now have 12 open trials and over 1200 patients recruited into trials.

In April 2013 I joined the InHANSE team at Birmingham. 

Studies I work on:
I work on a variety of Head & Neck portfolio trials, and currently work on all the trials open and pending at Birmingham.

Famous For:
We had a teleconference with people from Belgium, France, Netherlands and England and I was the only person not to be understood I think it must have been my Scottish accent.

Common Remark:
"Can you sign and date this" I am always asking Principle Investigators to sign and date copious amounts of paperwork.

Contact details:



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