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Jim Higginson


Jim HigginsonName
Jim Higginson

Job Title:
Academic Clinical Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Date joined Inhanse:
August 2016

What Do I Do:
75% of my time I work as a higher surgical trainee in the subspecialty of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. This specialty requires medical and dental qualifications (So I spent 10 years studying!), and many years working as a doctor before you can even start the higher surgical training!

The specialty covers cancer of the mouth, jaws, face and neck, facial trauma, life-threatening facial infections, and inherited or acquired facial deformity, to name but part of the scope of this fascinating specialty! More information on the specialty can be found at


The other 25% of my time is spent at InHANSE researching mouth cancer, specifically looking at how patients should be treated if their mouth cancer comes back after their first treatment. I am very new to the institute and this project, so watch this space for developments as my research progresses!

Research Interests:
[As above, I guess...]

Studies I work on: 
[None yet!]

Famous for:
Being an eternal student!

Common remark:
[I'll have a think about this one!]

Email address:

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