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Gordon Ryan
Name:  Gordon Ryan

Job Title: Research Associate

Date joined InHANSE:
10th February 2016



What Do I Do:
As a member of the translational research team, my role is to perform  technical and scientific investigations involving routine and specialised diagnostic and research services on research samples obtained from patients undergoing surgery and treatment for Head and Neck and Thyroid Cancer.

Research Interests:
I have been associated with clinical trials over the last ten years and enjoy being part of research that leads to treatments that improve the quality of life for patients.

Studies I work on: 
Currently I’m tasked with maintaining the ElaTION and CompARE sample collections and database and to support the research in the AcceleraTED platform for the identification of novel drugs and devices for the management of head and neck cancer.

Famous for:
Asking my wife to supply personalised cards for birthdays and cakes for any occasion.

Common remark:
“Can I help you with that?”

Email address:





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