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Dejo Olaleye

Dejo Olalaye

Name:  Dejo Olaleye
Job Title:  Clinical Research Fellow and PhD student


Date Joined InHANSE:  1st October 2013



What Do I Do?:
I am a Specialty Registrar in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ST6) on the West Midlands Otolaryngology training programme.  I have recently gone back into the programme having taken time out for research (OOPR) doing a PhD. I am training to become a Head and Neck Surgeon with interests in the molecular epidemiology of head and neck cancers. I yearn for the future with better, less toxic treatments developed for our cancer patients with improved clinical outcomes.

My PhD research with Prof Mehanna at InHANSE, School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham, focuses on:
1. The epidemiology and natural history of oral human papilloma virus infection
2. Epidemiologic, histopathologic and molecular characterisation of premalignant lesions and dysplasia in both normal tonsils and early HPV positive tonsil cancers.

It is a real priviledge to be presently involved in research into early changes in HPV tonsil cancer that could lead ultimately to the development of screening tools for early diagnosis similar to the HPV based equivalents for cervical cancer.

Research Interests:  The natural history of human papilloma virus oral infection, oral HPV persistence, premalignancy and dysplasia in HPV positive tonsil cancer. Molecular epidemiology of head and neck cancers, in particular oropharyngeal cancer.

Studies I Work On
OROMOUTH - Oral HPV epidemiology analysis including prevalence, persistence and risk factors.

PET NECK - HPV prevalence in tonsil cancers in a UK cohort

ImmuGen - Coordinated Protocol development and was part of a successful ethics application via NRES

Famous For:
Clinical: Epidemiology of head and neck cancers

Talents: A gifted gospel singer and a keen tournament chess player. I currently play for Leamington chess club and was Wolverhampton chess champion in 2011. I hope to become a FIDE titled player!.

Common Remark:
All things are possible.

Update - October 2017
Dejo has now submitted his PhD, and I am sure this is not the last we will see of him.

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