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Alison Pease

Alison Pease
Name:  Alison Kirstie Pease

Job Title: Head and Neck Research Nurse.

Date joined InHANSE: May 2012.



What Do I Do:
Apply for local approvals in getting research studies open at site, apply for QEHB charity grants / funds, tissue sample collection (blood, urine, tissue etc), recruitment and randomisation of eligible patients to studies on the Head and Neck Portfolio, screening clinic and MDM lists for suitable patients, arrange trial schedule specific follow up appointments, arrange meetings with trial specific staff (including site initiation vists), creation and maintenance of trial site files, CRF’s, source data forms, trial specific information,  respond to data queries,  liaise with pharmacy, imaging and pathology in order to open trials and make sure open trials run smoothly, assist R&D with invoicing Sponsors for costs.

Research Interests:
Particularly enjoy recruiting patients to trials and having them giving me positive feedback about their experience of recruitment or the trial process.  Particular interest in ENT and Maxillo-facial trials having worked in this area for 4 ½ years.  I’m also interested to learn more about translational studies.

Studies I work on:
IoN, AcceleraTED, ElaTION.

Famous for:
Being in the Trust newspaper twice within my first year at UHB, promoting research at UHB and more specifically promoting Head and Neck research.

Common remark:
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