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Ahmad Abou-Foul

Name: Ahmad K. Abou-Foul


Job Title: Clinical Research Fellow , and Higher surgical trainee in Ear, Nose and Throat & Head and Neck surgery


Date joined InHANSE: 01/04/2022


What Do I Do: I am a specialist registrar in ENT and Head and Neck surgery, currently doing my PhD at InHANSE. My research is mainly focused on clinical predictive modelling for head and neck cancer using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am also member of the young investigator group and Databases/AI committees of the Head and Neck cancer International group (HNCIG), focusing on collaborative international research and Head and neck cancer data harmonisation.


Research Interests: Head and neck cancer, Machine learning, Clinical predictive modelling, Collaborative research, Data harmonisation and standardisation.


Studies I work on: BD4QoL, PETNECK 2, The ENE programme (HNCIG)


Famous for: Caffeine lover!


Common remark: Nothing I can remember !

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