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A Patient's view of being involved in a Research Trial

Patients view of the Pet-Neck study.

At the first meeting with the medical staff to hear the diagnosis of what you have is a major shock to your system.  That point on I had to hear and discuss options that were available. 

The staff at the hospital approached me to discuss the possibility on going on a trial.  In anyone’s mind the first thought of the word trial = guinea pig! I could not have been so wrong.  The way I was approached was in an understanding and professional manner.

The study is a means of feedback to the medical profession from a patient’s view.  This would include nurses, doctors, and dieticians all the way to the medical teams that work in research.  The forms themselves are simple and constructive, easy to understand to complete the data required.  There were a few questions you look at and think they are a bit personal, but as we all know every person is different in their own right but to gather information in this manner gives a bigger picture for the medical teams across a broad base of patients on treatments being administered at present.

From the view of a patient it was good to always have support from my wife when putting information down because I did not always see what other people do.

Kelvin Fell.

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